Gender Action Learning System

Gender Action Learning for Sustainability (GALS) is a community-led gender and generational empowerment methodology that can be adapted to different cultural and organisational contexts. GALS  can be adapted for any issue including: livelihoods, food security, financial services, value chain development, conflict resolution, governance, health, reproductive rights and climate change.It has been used in very many different contexts– including communities where no organisation exists, cooperatives of varying sizes, private commercial companies and NGOs and donor agencies.

GALS develops participatory visioning and planning skills and strengthens social networks for women and men at all levels. It is based on the generic Participatory Action Learning System (PALS) methodology developed by Linda Mayoux since 2002 with organisations in Africa, Asia and Latin America). But GALS focuses specifically on developing new visions for relationships between women and men as equal human beings, and implementing changes in gender and generational inequalities in resources and power.

GALS includes tools that are used at the household level, but starts with the individual and works also at community and institutional levels for widespread social, cultural and policy change. The same GALS tools and facilitation techniques are also mainstreamed in organisations and with multiple stakeholders to increase effectiveness of any development process.

Through developing self-motivated structures for pyramid peer sharing and integrating into existing activities of implementing public or private agencies it can empower many thousands of people to improve their lives and communities at relatively low cost.

Full details of the latest versions of GALS methodology, including but not only those produced for Oxfam Novib, can be found on .

In relation to the Oxfam Novib/IFAD Household Methodologies project the most relevant tools for use at household level are:

  • Vision Journey
  • Gender Balance Tree
  • Household Gender Diamond
  • Empowerment Leadership Map
  • Multilane Vision Highway

Toolkits, videos and songs for these tools can be found at:

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